Decluttering children's rooms

Bedrooms and Wardrobes

Children’s bedrooms often have to serve a purpose for many functions; a place to sleep, and place to play, a place for friends, a place to study. But sometimes you just can’t see past the ‘stuff’. Kids grow, as do the array of items in their wardrobe, and it’s a simple case of going through and seeing what they’ve outgrown, what they wear, and knowing when the time has finally come to part with the things that hold great sentimental value but will never be worn again. Toys that are no longer played with can be moved on to make space, shelves can be cleared to reveal all of their special treasures, making  your child’s bedroom a place fit for a prince or a princess filled with sweet dreams!


prices start from £120


Often the ironic thing about the term Children’s Playroom is the word room. In reality, it is often a cram packed space, with no actual room to play! Most of us are left thinking come the next birthday or Christmas, the playroom door may be physically unable to close to hide the atrocities that hide behind! Puzzles with half of the pieces, toys that are no longer age appropriate, and not to mention the 1000 bits of useless tiny plastic, all eat up valuable space. I strip back every box, tub and bookshelf to create a room that you no longer need to shut the door on and pretend it doesn’t actually exist!


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