My mission is to create space, restore order and bring harmony back to your home. By following my 3 C’s – Clear Out, Charity and Cash In – I will work with you to establish what you really love, what you can live without, and what can be sold on.

Creating space with everything in its place really couldn’t be easier!


The main services I offer are: wardrobes, children’s playrooms & bedrooms, downsizing and home styling for sale. More information can be found by following the links below. That said, I can help with any area of your home from the entrance hall to the loft hatch on a bespoke basis, so please contact me today to talk about how I help!

NB – Hoarding is a debilitating problem and requires specialised care outside of my expertise. Please go to the website for useful help and information. Additionally unfortunately I am unable to assist with home clearance.

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